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Healing Oct7 Project


These are very difficult times in our land. We expect thousands of people

that will suffer from diagnosed type of PTSD. 
This disorder can manifest as persistent and distressing symptoms, includingflashbacks, nightmares, severe  anxiety, and emotional numbness.  

Individuals with PTSD may find it challenging to manage their daily lives, relationships, and overall sense of security.

Preventing PTSD- SOS programs

Within days of the brutal massacre on October 7th, the team at MAPS Israel in collaboration if the Hakomi institute of Israel, in addition to dozens of MAPS Israel-trained therapists, and therapists across Israel, organized therapeutic crisis response to provide individual and group therapy for survivors of the Nova Rave and Kibbutzim and Moshavim massacres in the South.   MAPS Israel continues to work regularly with survivors in Eilat, developing trauma based therapy programs for the October 7th survivors.

MDMA Group Psychotherapy Multisite Study:
In the latest MAPS PBC phase 3 study of MDMA therapy for PTSD, we've seen breakthrough results with 71.2% of patients who don't suffer from PTSD as a result from the treatment, and 86.5% who experienced a decrease in symptoms of PTSD. 

Inspired from these results, MAPS Israel is working to start group MDMA therapy multisite study for survivors of the October 7th. We  plan to conduct group MDMA therapy study for survivors of the October 7th massacres:

For survivors on the Kibbutzim and Moshavim in the South at Be’er Sheva Medical Center.

* For survivors of the Nova Festival at Sheba Hospital and  at Lev Hasharon mental health Center. 

* For veterans at Haemek hospital Afula. 


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